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Installs all dependencies of a package tree (or source package file), without installing the package tree itself. It installs the development dependencies as well, specified in the Suggests field of DESCRIPTION.


  root = ".",
  lib = .libPaths()[1],
  upgrade = TRUE,
  ask = interactive(),
  dependencies = TRUE



Path to the package tree.


Package library to install the packages to. Note that all dependent packages will be installed here, even if they are already installed in another library. The only exceptions are base and recommended packages installed in .Library. These are not duplicated in lib, unless a newer version of a recommemded package is needed.


When FALSE, the default, pak does the minimum amount of work to give you the latest version(s) of pkg. It will only upgrade dependent packages if pkg, or one of their dependencies explicitly require a higher version than what you currently have. It will also prefer a binary package over to source package, even it the binary package is older.

When upgrade = TRUE, pak will ensure that you have the latest version(s) of pkg and all their dependencies.


Whether to ask for confirmation when installing a different version of a package that is already installed. Installations that only add new packages never require confirmation.


What kinds of dependencies to install. Most commonly one of the following values:

  • NA: only required (hard) dependencies,

  • TRUE: required dependencies plus optional and development dependencies,

  • FALSE: do not install any dependencies. (You might end up with a non-working package, and/or the installation might fail.) See Package dependency types for other possible values and more information about package dependencies.

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