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Dependencies of a package tree


local_deps(root = ".", upgrade = TRUE, dependencies = NA)

local_deps_tree(root = ".", upgrade = TRUE, dependencies = NA)

local_dev_deps(root = ".", upgrade = TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)

local_dev_deps_tree(root = ".", upgrade = TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)



Path to the package tree.


Whether to use the most recent available package versions.


What kinds of dependencies to install. Most commonly one of the following values:

  • NA: only required (hard) dependencies,

  • TRUE: required dependencies plus optional and development dependencies,

  • FALSE: do not install any dependencies. (You might end up with a non-working package, and/or the installation might fail.) See Package dependency types for other possible values and more information about package dependencies.


All of these functions return the dependencies in a data frame. local_deps_tree() and local_dev_deps_tree() also print the dependency tree.