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List all available Posit Package Manager (PPM) snapshots




Data frame with two columns:

  • date: the time the snapshot was taken, a POSIXct vector,

  • id: integer id of the snapshot, this can be used in the repository URL.


The repository URL of a snapshot has the following form on Windows:


where {base} is the base URL for PPM (see ppm_repo_url()) and {id} is either the date or id of the snapshot, or latest for the latest snapshot. E.g. these are equivalent:

On a Linux distribution that has PPM support, the repository URL that contains the binary packages looks like this:


where {id} is as before, and {binary_url} is a code name for a release of a supported Linux distribution. See the binary_url column of the result of ppm_platforms() for these code names.

See also

The 'pkgcache and Posit Package Manager on Linux' article at

Other PPM functions: ppm_has_binaries(), ppm_platforms(), ppm_r_versions(), ppm_repo_url()


if (FALSE) {