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Read this if the default installation methods do not work for you or if you want the RC or development version.

Pre-built binaries

Install a binary build of pak from our repository on GitHub:

install.packages("pak", repos = sprintf("", .Platform$pkgType, R.Version()$os, R.Version()$arch))

This is supported for the following systems:

OSCPUR version
Linuxx86_64R 3.4.0 - R-devel
Linuxaarch64R 3.4.0 - R-devel
macOS High Sierra+x86_64R 3.4.0 - R-devel
macOS Big Sur+aarch64R 4.1.0 - R-devel
Windowsx86_64R 3.4.0 - R-devel

For macOS we only support the official CRAN R build. Other builds, e.g. Homebrew R, are not supported.

Install from CRAN

Install the released version of the package from CRAN as usual:

This potentially needs a C compiler on platforms CRAN does not have binaries packages for.

Nightly builds

We have nightly binary builds, for the same systems as the table above:

install.packages("pak", repos = sprintf("", .Platform$pkgType, R.Version()$os, R.Version()$arch))

stable, rc and devel streams

We have three types of binaries available:

  • stable corresponds to the latest CRAN release of CRAN.

  • rc is a release candidate build, and it is available about 1-2 weeks before a release. Otherwise it is the same as the stable build.

  • devel has builds from the development tree. Before release it might be the same as the rc build.

The streams are available under different repository URLs:

stream <- "rc"
install.packages("pak", repos = sprintf("", stream, .Platform$pkgType, R.Version()$os, R.Version()$arch))